"I frutti del ramo d'oro" venticinque anni dopo

Pietro Clemente, Fabio Dei, Alessandro Simonicca


"Fruits of the Golden Bough: James G. Frazer's Anthropological Legacy" is the title of an issue of the journal "La ricerca folklorica" that appeared twenty-five years ago. Edited by P. Clemente, with the collaboration of F. Dei and A. Simonicca, this volume included reflections by prominent Italian scholars about the role Frazer played in the history of anthropology, as well as about his lasting influence on theoretical and epistemological debates. In the 1980s, paradoxically, coming back to Frazer (often through the critical reading of Wittgenstein) was a way of rethinking anthropology and exploring new ways of comparative understanding. In this interview, the volume's editors consider disciplinary changes in the last quarter century: at the present moment, is it still useful to view anthropological problems through the prism of Frazer's "The Golden Bough"?

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