Melampo. Breve biografia di un indovino guaritore

Francesca Marzari


This paper focuses on the seer and healer Melampous, by reviewing briefly his mythical biography: the origins and the acquisition of his powers; the occurrence of such powers during the rape of the Thessalian king Ificlus' cattle and the healing of his impotence; the cure of Argive king Proetus' daughters and / or Argive women suffering from madness. These episodes mark Melampous' path of growth, and his subsequent status changes: first, after being imprisoned for a theft on behalf of his brother, he proves himself a mantis, obtaining his freedom by means of his prophetic powers; then he gives evidence of his therapeutic talents, establishing himself as a healer; eventually, his healing powers win him success and fame: he becomes king, husband and founder of a famous family of seers.

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