Folklorica IV. Briciole di folklore

Emanuele Lelli


10. Armodius of Lepraeus' mention of "scraps of dining" carried away by citizens of Figalia in consideration of νυκτερινοὶ φόβοι (fr. 319 Jacoby) may be interpreted as a sign of popular fear of ghosts appearing at street crossings – especially in the light of other ancient evidence (e.g., Ov. Fast. 6. 137-142; Eustath. ad Od. 1857. 17; Erasmus, Ad. 3023), and by comparison with several hints from South Italian oral folklore.

11. The custom of picking up fallen scraps from the table and devoting them to the deceased (Diog. Laert. 8. 34, assigned to Pythagoras) has a possible parallel in a widely attested South Italian oral belief.

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