Editer et traduire le "De musica IV" de Philodème aujourd'hui, ou les technologies de pointe appliquées aux papyrus d'Herculanum

Daniel Delattre


This paper offers a concise record of my recent edition of Philodemus, On Music IV (2007), showing a true revolution made possible by technological developments in editing the carbonized papyri from Herculaneum: multispectral images, virtual models of scrolls and digital archives (joined to the paper edition) containing all the documents used for reconstructing the materiality of the text (images of the original papyrus, Oxford apographs and Neapolitan disegni, and an entire virtual model of the scroll made from the disegni, which permits the reader to go directly to the corresponding image of the papyrus, where it survives). Three detailed examples are given of the efficiency of these tools for reconstructing the Greek text and for understanding the meaning of the first Herculaneum scroll that has been reconstructed from its initial title to the final subscriptio (in spite of several gaps). In the future, all the new editions of Herculaneum papyri will need such an approach to be convincing.

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