Suoni perduti e ritrovati: un'antica soundwalk

Emiliano Battistini e Fabrizio Loffredo


An international meeting focused on soundscape-studies organized by FKL Association in September 2016 in Agropoli (Salerno, Italy) ended with a soundwalk in the nearby archaeological park of Paestum. This soundwalk had participants imagine the sorts of sounds which might have permeated the ancient city of Paestum. To achieve this, we had to consider both the city ruins and some passages taken from ancient authors: what we got was a picture of Paestum in antiquity seen from the perspective of its sonic elements. It is important, however, to remember that all of what we could possibly know about this dimension of ancient experience is based mainly on hypothesis, considering the loss of direct information on those aspects. Finally, the purpose of this experiment was to look at the several possible links between sound-studies and anthropology of the ancient world.

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