Accenni ai rituali di devotio malefica in un phylakterion di Falasarna e nelle tavolette esecratorie del tempio di Demetra a Cnido

Francesco Bertani


This paper proposes a new interpretation of a sentence shared by a 4 th century BCE lead phylakterion from Phalasarna (SEG XLII 818) and by one of the thirteen 2 nd -1 st century BCE lead curse tablets from Demeter’s sanctuary in Knidos (Iknidos, nr. 154). According to the new interpretation, both epigraphs express their authors’ awareness about the possibility of being targeted by a curse ritual. The article also suggests that the phraseology of two further curse tablets from Knidos (IKnidos, nrr. 147, 150) conceal a web of hitherto partially overlooked references to the curse rituals’ dimension.

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