Editorial n. 3 (2010)

In this third edition of the Quaderni, we are pleased to publish the Acts of the International Conference on "Donna - Mito - Miturgia. Femme - Mythe - Mythourgie. Paradigmi di costruzione del femminile nei miti della Grecia antica" ("Woman – Myth – Mythurgy. Paradigms of the Construction of the 'Female' in Ancient Greek Myth"), organized by Ezio Pellizer at the University of Trieste in June 2009. These Acts are published in honor of Nicole Loraux, a scholar who has had an immense influence on us all, and include contributions addressing themes that certainly would have been dear to her. The diversity of nationalities represented by the contributors – Italian, Spanish, French, Slovenian – attests, moreover, to the ongoing importance and vitality of her scholarship.
   Another series of papers follows the Acts, in large part representing the kind of interdisciplinary research currently being undertaken at the Center for Anthropology of the Ancient World. The perspective taken by these papers is one that encompasses viewpoints both of classical studies and of anthropology, ancient as well modern: it is one we hope stirs the reader's interests.
                                                                                     Maurizio Bettini