Le dee vergini: Hestia, Atena, Artemide e il mito di Atteone nel Rinascimento

Igor Škamperle


This article presents the basic cultural and literary factors that have enabled the rich tradition of mythological narration and symbolism to be transmitted from antiquity to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The main consideration focuses on the virgin goddesses Hera, Athena and Artemis, whose virginal nature is part of their function in defining society and also a part of their particular nature. This nature is not outside of the human condition, nor part of the past and defined by chronological time, but an immanent and essential form of human culture and nature. The Hunter Akteon, who dared to see Diana's nakedness, was transformed by her into an animal, a deer, and her dogs destroyed him. The ultimate confine of their nature – virginal chastity – cannot be violated.

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