Fragmentaciones temporales: hacia una búsqueda de la experiencia histórica en los escenarios de memorias de la violencia

Catalina Cortès Severino


This article explores the suffering produced by violent acts of terror through the ways in which suffering is inscribed in the memory of bodies and places. From the perspective of history, anthropology and cultural criticism, I aim in this paper to approach the temporal connections and disjunctures of past, present and futures in order to articulate an ethnography of the memory of violence in the contemporary conflict in Colombia. I will reference four sites of 'works of memory' from some communities and social movements that have spread throughout the country through? the discourses, practices, representations and meanings of remembrance and collective mourning. In this way, my approach proceeds through fragments and absences, that is to say by moving away from a conception of the historical as lineal, chronological and continuous, thereby introducing an understanding of a multiple and fractured temporality where closed and totalized signifiers do not have a place in the past, present and future.

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